Black Rose Bags

is a worker collective of sewer-cyclists specializing in custom handmade bike bags made from recovered materials. We are commuters, randoneers, tourers and cargo carriers. We live on our bikes and we know what details a bag needs to do its job. We recognize our work as both political and trans formative. We recover that which others deem to be trash, redeem it, and make it into something beautiful, useful, special, and uniquely suited to your needs and dreams. From an old broken sewing machine to dumpsters filled with material, we seek to redeem everything and create everywhere.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Back Behind The Sewing Machine!

Ahoy everyone! We are pleased to announce that we are back from our extended bike tour and new bags are appearing on our Etsy shop weekly ! We had a wonderful ride along the spine of the continent crossing the continental divide some 25 or so times and churning out 3,000 off road miles. A big thanks goes out to everyone who patiently waited for our return and who supported us as we were on tour. At the moment we are working out the details of our Touring Pannier design which we tested on the Great Divide route. We are excited to offer a set of panniers which held up so well to the tortures we put them through. Stay tuned and drop us a note to check in, say hi, and let us know of any fun bag ideas you have!

Solidarity and Love!
The Black Rose


  1. Hi Greg and Sadie,

    I've been wondering about you two. Glad to see you've made it home safe and sound. Greg, Nick, Lael, Cass and Nancy came through here after you.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your new bags!

    Gary in Del Norte

  2. Just stumbled across your blog/etsy. Love seeing the bags and the WALL TENT! YES!
    Great use (and tasteful) of the waxed canvas.

    Also excited about the Continental Divide trip, I have been wanting to do it for a long time!

    JC Canfield

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