Black Rose Bags

is a worker collective of sewer-cyclists specializing in custom handmade bike bags made from recovered materials. We are commuters, randoneers, tourers and cargo carriers. We live on our bikes and we know what details a bag needs to do its job. We recognize our work as both political and trans formative. We recover that which others deem to be trash, redeem it, and make it into something beautiful, useful, special, and uniquely suited to your needs and dreams. From an old broken sewing machine to dumpsters filled with material, we seek to redeem everything and create everywhere.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Custom Orders!

At the Black Rose Bags Collective we make every bag unique, employing our creative impulses to do the best we can with what we’ve got. We enjoy the process of going through discarded scraps and turning trash into something beautiful, functional, and unique. However only you know what’s best for you! We love meeting the needs of our fellow commuters, comrades, and partners in crime! Don’t let the politicos and advertising men tell you what you should have in a bag! Speak up and let us make exactly what you need!

Because our cache of material is totally dependent on what others toss out we sometimes don’t have certain things on hand. It’s feast or famine out there. We do the best we can with what we have, and work our asses off the meet your needs!

Give us a shout, tell us about yourself, what kind of riding you do, and what you are hoping for in a bag. Here are a few things to mention when you contact us.

Size: We can make a bag in any size you would like. Our standard messenger is 5 inches Deep, 13 inches Wide and 11 inches Tall. It acts larger than it sounds, and we find it meets most folk’s needs.

Shoulder strap: We have two main styles of straps; a 2 inch wide cotton strap that is very comfy and distributes the weight of your load evenly, and a 1.5 inch nylon strap with a strap pad. We also recommend adding a quick release buckle to the strap. Tell us which shoulder you will be wearing your bag over and we can set it up accordingly.

Color scheme: Check out our photos page to get a feel for what colors we have to work with. Also come up with an idea of what kind of design you are into.

Water proof liner: Our waterproof liner is the greatest thing to come along since fenders. It is a rubberized nylon and it totally rules.

Pockets: We work hard to incorporate pockets into the design of the bag so they don’t stick out like a hitch-hiker’s sore thumb. Refer to our photos page and look around!

Price: We price our bags based on how long they take to construct. The more a bag needs the more expensive it will be. Custom orders, unless they are for very simple bags start at $190.

Your Postal Address: So we can calculate shipping costs.

We would love to make the bag of your dreams that will outlast your knees!


  1. I really appreciate your post and you explain each and every point very well.Thanks for sharing this information.And I’ll love to read your next post too.

  2. I just spotted your bags on Etsy and I gotta say, I will definitely be ordering one or two for spring! I'm planning to commute to work via bicycle and I'll want to carry my laptop, lunch, and some yoga clothes and I need bags that will support all those endeavors. Yours fit the bill. All the best for your shop!